ex-Miss Universe Don’t Misses The Opportunity Attacking Donald Trump

Alicia Machado, a popular name in the glamour world and former Miss Universe came out with a negative statement on Donald Trump. It comes out as a big breaking news in US at present. She says that she was ‘scared’ of Donald Trump when she was contending in a beauty pageant. She was a teenager at that time and she felt nervous. According to her, he does not know how to respect woman. As a future President this comes out as a true negative impact on his character.

The Shocking News Comes Here

When she was attending a rally held in ‘Dade City’ she was shocked when she heard Mrs. Clinton announcing her name during the first Presidential argument. She even revealed that she could not become the producer and have to stay away casting her vote for the democrats. This is a shocking news for all US citizens. And this clearly shows the controversies, which may arise during the upcoming Presidential election.

Donald Trump’s Cruelty to Machado

Mr. Trump came out with the beauty pageant in 1996 where Ms. Machado participated and she was only 19 years. She stated that Trump told her ugly and that made her feel bad and she even lost her confidence for some time. He even made fun of her that shows how desperate he is and he doesn’t know to respect humans especially women.

Mr. Trump said ‘You are Miss Piggy, Miss Housekeeping, Miss Eating Machine’. It was too insulting for her and no one has the right to utter such abusive words to a woman. After Trump’s words to Ms. Machado she got recognized as a fat Miss Universe and was really a painful incident for her. It was really difficult for her to manage the situation. Machado says Trump is cruel and due to him she got sick fighting back severe eating disorders that make her life miserable.


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