It’s raining Laptops with Apple at the ‘Hello Again’ Show

Since the digital world is still crazy about laptops, Apple would announce a brand new MacBook Pro that comes with an OLED touch interface on October 27. The already released macOS Sierra 10.12.1 features hidden Apple Pay images showing the new device.

Desktop fanatics need to forget their passions for a while and have patience, maybe until the middle of 2017. There is no new iMac or Mac Pro coming up for now. New iMacs along with a standalone 5K display should be coming later. Updates have not been announced for Mac mini or Mac Pro either. Besides, Intel would release Kaby Lake desktop processors only in January. Apple can hardly be blamed either.

What would you expect with the MacBook Pro redesign?

Based on rumors, expect USB-C ports and Skylake processors. A more powerful battery along with a power adapter like MagSafe. Maybe a 2TB drive?

What about the MacBook Air? Rumors indicate a 13 inch MacBook or even larger, probably far better than the 12-inch version that has circulated since 2012.

Rumors, hearsay and images of the new MacBook Air

The OLED touch panel occupies the function key space and supports Touch ID like using it with Apple Pay. Perhaps the speakers would be located beside the keyboard. Probably the new model is thinner and lighter than before. Keys are more flat, like the Retina MacBook keys. The images do not reveal the ports, but four USB-C ports may be expected. Expect the HDMI port along with the MagSafe port and a headphone jack. Perhaps the SD card slot would be gone in the new model.

The announcement is expected very soon indeed as enthusiasts wait in hushed expectation around the globe. Laptops concern everybody for the moment and desktops will make it big in 2017. For now, a fresh MacBook Air model would probably appear.

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