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Air Passenger Rights That Applies On Overbooked, Canceled or Delayed Flights

Had you faced problems with your flights, delays in departures or arrivals, missing baggage, overbooked flight or cancelation of flights? If such a situation arose, you may have the right to claim compensation or refund of ticket cost depending upon the situation. Different sets of rules apply no matter where and when you fly. Get wise about passenger rights in the EU, US and IN….

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Are you willing to fight for US Air Passenger Rights?

Citizens fly frequently for business and pleasure in or out from America, Europe or Asia. It feels good to be high up there, communing with the heavens. Elation follows the moment of flight booking and lasts until touchdown. Most flying occasions offer no hassle and no complaint with impeccable services honed to perfection. All the facilities and discounts, in-flight food and entertainment and stupendous offers give plenty…

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Get Up To 600€ Compensation For Delayed, Cancelled & Overbooked Flights

My flight was delayed, can I claim compensation? A flight which departed from EU (European Union) belongs to an EU airline, if delays or gets cancelled or you’re denied boarding, you may receive compensation of up to 600€ in accordance with EC Regulation 261/2004. The high-flying world lives in quite a dream world! The duties of corporate life carry executives around in business class. Zipping across…

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