Donald Trump Protestors

Celebrities Protest Donald Trump as the America’s President

After Donald Trump was elected as the new US President protests came out in the roads on America denying Trump as their President. And the stars now joined the protesters making the earnest effort to keep Trump out of white House. It was estimated that Trump would finish with 306 votes with Clinton’s 232. And if the 38 of the Republican electors swap their votes then Clinton would have been the winning candidate. Although President Obama already met Trump in White House congratulating him the electors are still gathering the States with a hope to overturn the voter’s decision. And if this really happens Clinton would be the President-elect.

Lady Gaga, Marg, Amanda, Pink and Rosie protests Donald Trump as US President

Many of the celebrities like Lady Gaga, Marg Helgenberger, Amanda Seyfried, Pink and Rosie Perez take part in eth protest denying Donald Trump as the elected President of US. After three days of the US Presidential election they and other 2.7 million of US citizens signed the petition of requesting the Republican electors to switch their votes electing Hillary Clinton as the US President.
Although it’s legal to carry out this procedure but this ‘Hail Mary’ effort hardly carries any chance of making the protest successful. It’s only a fantasy but people still want to keep Trump away denying him as the President.

Role of the Electoral College

The former Apprentice celebrity was able to won most of the electors although Clinton succeeded winning the popular votes. But this election would not come out as the official one until it’s 19th December, when the Electoral College walk down in each of the 50 states in Washington D.C. casting the valuable votes for the President and Vice President.

So, it’s only the time to wait and see what’s going to happen next with Mr. Trump as the President of United States.

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