Google Scores far over Apple with Google Assistant

Apple Siri v/s Google Assistant

Apple may be going great guns, but even the top-notch companies like Samsung need to weather bitter experiences like phone batteries exploding. The Apple’s embarrassment came about with the launch of Google’s Pixel phone that received adoring welcomes. What does the Google Pixel possess that Apple does not? Google Assistant, a digital helper that answers a million queries, much like a live office staff!

Apple introduced Siri five years ago. Though Siri had the time advantage, the truth is that newer is better, isn’t it? Technically savvy with all the new software and latest updates. Yet old is gold, people say.

How did Google Assistant is more capable?

While smartphones are everywhere nowadays, manufacturing extraordinary software is still a challenge. People want to get more things done through cool software. Nowadays, voice control and AI are taking over in a world that adores video and pictures rather than text. Amazon Echo succeeded well too.

How does Google Assistant deliver all those smart answers?

Imagine the Google network of resources like images and Gmail! Assistant surfs everywhere to come up with convincing answers. The Google Knowledge Graph does appear unlimited like the Himalayan mountain ranges. Whatever question is asked would receive instant satisfactory answers. That is not all, either. GA (Google Assistant) has many more skills waiting within the Pixel phone.

What questions would you ask GA?

The Google web knowledge serves the purpose of delivering the asked for information in a jiffy, just like search engines themselves. Wikipedia has lots more.

  • Reminders about official work to be done on a certain date and time
  • Show the photographs from the party last Sunday
  • Play Bob Dylan songs
  • Reservations for restaurants in the locality

In comparison, Siri is a backbencher! Yet Apple is forging ahead too with AI and machine learning businesses. Voice is the new magic, anyway. Apple wants Siri to control iPhone soon, yet for now, GA marches on with new conquests each day.



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