Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and her first bundle of joy!

Congratulations! Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana have a little boy to call their own. Eissa came into the world in the media limelight. Janet underwent a healthy delivery. Social media does it all nowadays and the Janet family expressed their happiness at the newborn.

Great news fulfills Janet on the new year:

Eissa is certainly ‘the greatest hit’ in a world looking out for sensations. Parenthood may not be easy, but is a great challenge. The New Year certainly brought great news for the couple. The birth of the first child is certainly a super occasion anyway.

Janet Jackson

By way of a reminder, Janet is the “Escapade” singer at 50 and Wissam the Qatari businessman is 42. She married him in 2012. Excited fans had been whispering since October when Janet was seen with a baby bump. Thus, everybody knew what was coming and it came so happily in the heat of the New Year! It was last April when she announced the focus on a family and the “Unbreakable” tour got shortened.

What will motherhood for Janet probably be like? According to her 62-year-old musician brother Jermaine, she should be a wonderful mom since she is tough and strict. Don’t forget that Jermaine has nine kids too.

Janet Jackson

Janet is American and sings, writes song lyrics, dances, and acts. She is most famous for socially innovative stuff and elaborate stage programs. Wissam is her third hubby after James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo Jr. Some of her mighty albums are Unbreakable, All for You and the Velvet Rope.

With sales of a hundred million records, Janet is one of the greatest ever. She has been on the scene for thirty years and that is quite an achievement! She handled film and television show successfully too. One television show was called The Jacksons besides Good Times and Fame in the 1970s and early 1980s. She later worked with A&M Records, Virgin Records and Island Records in several major contracts.


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