Big Bang

K-Pop Classic ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ goes over Moon with 180M Views!

The Korean boy group named BIG BANG doing essentially hip-hop is very much in the news. Fan adulation for ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ reaches miracle levels in a world starved of fabulous music.

Origins Of Big Bang

The YG Entertainment generated Big Bang with members G-ragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri launched in 2006 and now celebrates a decade of splendid music achievements. Japan audiences helped them thrive through several albums into the present global spotlight.

In recent times                                                 

What was the group doing during the last two years? After a break for three years, Big Bang got busy in 2015! It all started with singles for the album MADE. ‘Loser’ made it to the first position on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart while ‘Bae Bae’ got second position. Bae Bae was fated to rise further, getting the Best Pop Song and the Song of the Year titles at the 13th Korean Music Awards.

The incredible ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ arrived in June along with ‘We like 2 Party’ and they were destined to occupy 1st and 2nd positions again at the Billboard’s World Digital Chart. By the end of June, the special project singles had attracted a hundred million views on You Tube. The much honored ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ won the Song of The Summer on MTV IGGY.

The promotional MADE World Tour and the sale of singles to the tune of 15 million copies across Asia boosted their fortunes rapidly. By the end of 2015, the Big Bang earnings had amounted to USD 120 million.

Creating sensations in 2016 too, Big Bang toured Taiwan and China and earned 182,000 fans, and gathered 280,000 in Japan. At the 2016 MTV Italian Music Awards, they received the first-ever Best Artist from the World award for Korea.

Presently, an exhibition depicting the history of the group is on at Seoul, South Korea.



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