Lego Toys Ends Promotional Giveaways With The Daily Mail Newspaper

One of the world’s greatest financial brands, LEGO of Denmark origin, makes news in the UK. One would have expected greater glory. No, it is about advertising. Lego announced the end of its promotional giveaways with the Daily Mail newspaper. And why? The controversy arises over a negative view of immigrants in certain newspapers. Companies regularly advertise in newspapers while the migrant crisis reached a high pitch this year. Europe is witnessing a high point in the migrant crisis in countries like France. It affects England too through close proximity. Wars in Europe, Asia, and Africa push migrants from impoverished countries towards the affluent.

Lego did not state the reasons for ending the free toys. They said they had consulted parents and grandparents. They regularly distributed toys for free through Daily Mail. The arrangement would now end.


The Brexit and its Aftermath

The UK exit from the EU is the crux of the problem. STOP FUNDING HATE urged companies to avoid adverts with certain newspapers. The recently formed group blamed the newspapers for showing migrants negatively during the EU referendum. SFH wanted John Lewis beside Waitrose and Marks & Spencer to end adverts with the Sun and Daily Express too.

The Lego-Daily Mail promotional free toy program commenced in 2013, maybe earlier. Readers received a coupon that helped them claim a free Lego toy. Lego had similar arrangements with the Sun earlier. Daily Mail is read by 15 million people online daily, the largest among British newspapers. Daily Mail is the UK’s second most widely read paper.

Stop Funding Hate objected to ethnic and religious minorities as represented in these newspapers. SFH has released a film with Christmas around the corner. Tradition brings everybody together in a common joy during Christmas. It is the appropriate moment for a message of peace.


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