Why NASA Exploration is the Key Agenda of Donald Trump

NASA had been restricted by the Obama space policies. Space exploration is set to get a new boost when Trump becomes President in January 2017. Trump wishes to set NASA free from logistics so that they can explore space again. He may have faced criticism about space policy, but nothing will stop him now! That is what he said last month.


Why would Trump want Space Exploration on his Agenda?

He believes that lots of ‘good things’ come out of it and that includes ‘great jobs.’ Such a change should be coming very soon, perhaps within 100 days. He wishes to greatly expand public-private partnership as a policy to increase investment. Such funding would go into space missions. Thousands would find jobs and lead to innovation. Economic growth would be heightened.
Why should NASA concentrate on low earth orbit activity alone for logistics purposes?

In quest of Europa, the Jupiter Moon

The future 45th President thinks that NASA should explore deep space and focus on Europa, Jupiter’s moon. People thought that alien life in the vicinity of earth could exist on Europa. A might sea exists under the icy surface of the Jupiter moon. NASA scientists found traces of water vapor on its surface. Compared to the earth where life is found amidst energy, water, and nutrients, life may exist out there.

In 2012, Trump twittered that Obama had stopped NASA by gutting their mission and the Americans thus became dependent upon the Russians. The situation has changed tremendously in November 2016 for sure with Trump riding high! He wishes for the long-term advancement of NASA and space exploration. Americans and the world would now be lost in a distant planet fantasy of alien life and spectacular missions like the moon landing.


As per Scientific American

Strangely enough, only recently in September, the Scientific American did not think highly of Trump’s space policy, grading him 1 out of 5 with a total of 7 for science policy. Hillary got 64 points.

Trump’s plan of sending humans back into space should be inspiration enough and dramatic too. Memories of the moon landing yet endure among the middle aged. The new President got former Republican Congressman Robert Walker to prepare a space exploration plan for NASA.

The plan may explore the mining of precious minerals in the asteroid belt besides targeting the Europa secrets. The philosophy should be the exploration of the entire solar system by the time the 21st century ends. Lots of years remain and plenty of exploration remains which needs to complete. Exploration, science, and inspiration seem to be the mission’s core.


Brexit and the Trump Victory

Both UK and the USA have decided to reduce global commitments and work for their own nations. If all the Americans are employed and the military at the ready, it may be time to conquer space again is the idea.

What was Obama saying?

In contrast, Obama wanted NASA to wait until the 2030’s to send humans to Mars! That would be like sending humans to a dead planet since Mars has endured a billion years of drought. Water to sustain life may not exist there anymore. In 2010, Obama wanted three things to happen. Inspire children to study science and math, expand international relationships and reach out to the Muslim world. Trump is reaching out into space and alien life perhaps!

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