Heidi Klum

Being a nudist and a cougar like Heidi Klum in all the Right Places

She is 43 and a mother of four. Supermodel turned Television celebrity Heidi Klum now dating 30-year old Art Dealer Vito Schnabel. She has no problems about loving a younger man. For that matter, she sees no issues about going topless or nude on secluded beaches. Well, she is sure in great shape yet! Heidi appeared on the Shape Cover Magazine and shot intimate photoshoot for her brand of Heidi Klum Swimwear. The swim gear, of course, is meant for mortals who will not bare all on the beach.

What is Heidi Klum Swimwear be like?

Heidi uses halter-neck bikini designs besides one-pieces that use underwire to put her customers at ease. Beach life is like being naked after all. She wants to avoid fussiness or weirdness in the outfits. She wants to include lovely prints and fine textures in fabrics along with great hardware and trim.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum 30 Years Young Lover Vito Schnabel

Regarding Vito, Heidi says and many would agree that age differences do not impact a relationship. They have been making out since September 2014, a long while ago. They have been together like twins since then. She insists that age does not matter as long as the couple has great times together in privacy. Obviously, they have been taking the relationship to mighty levels across the two years. The ‘amazing connection’ and the ‘love each other’ statements appear to be absolutely true. Heidi says that they avoid showing affection in public but photographers manage to get very close to get candid shots.

Heidi Klum

The Project Runway host has no problems with nudity either. Her parents raised her that way is what she claims when they went to nude beaches together. Going topless to remote beaches is fine after all, at least for her. You don’t expect the paparazzi to be there. She yet refuses the label of the exhibitionist. Being followed the boats and helicopters are what she naturally dislikes.

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