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Peter Andre Singing Joyful Song After His Baby Boy’s Birth

The famous singer Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh gave birth of a baby boy. Now, they are posting some family photos, where Peter and Emily are looking ‘very happy’ with their little kid. The pictures are clarified that the family is well enough according to the health of brain and body. Therefore, the admirers of the couple are saying that this happy married life gets a new turn and Peter is singing a joyful song.


The Announcement about the Good News

Following their daughter Amelia’s birth on January 2014, Peter and Emily found their second child a boy. A spokesman for peter’s side announced that Emily is well enough and going well with her little boy.

The incident happened on the last Monday of November 2016. On the last Tuesday of November 2016, Emily (the mysterious girl singer) posted on her tweeter account, where she wrote that she is very happy with her baby boy and she is getting new buzzes for the array of blessings and congrats. She thinks that the blessing of the followers may bring good luck for their new baby.

Peter Andre

Peter married Emily (16 years junior to him) at his 43 years of age. The fans celebrated the pictures of Peter and Emily’s wedding in July 2015. This happy couple hasn’t lost any chance to boost their admirers. Therefore, this year, they have brought new blossoms to motivate their fan.

Peter Andre

We all know that Peter’s earlier wife, famous model Katie Price had two children. Son junior Savva is on his 11 and daughter Tiaamii Crystal is on her 9. Peter’s next wife Emily MacDonagh has two children as well. The birth of their daughter on January 2014 and son on November 2016 makes the father very happy.

Fans of the singer can see how Peter has enjoyed a birth simulator in a video, that he posted recently. Recently, the singer went to a clinic of Amsterdam and experienced the feeling of a mother with the baby in her body. There are some pictures and videos of this adventure. Viewers have seen this mood of their lovable singer earlier. Now, the Australian singer is spending happy times with his family and the very special new member of his family.


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