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Taylor Swift’s only Full Concert for 2016 happened in Austin, Texas

Taylor Swift, the singer’s memorable performance of ‘This is what you came for’ at the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix Show turned everybody on all right. That of course, is the Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s 2016 hit single, but Taylor Swift had a part in the script writing! BTW, it was her first live rendering of the hit song, played via the piano.

How did that fabulous song originate

The EDM song released recently in April 2016, digitally downloaded from Sony. Critics delivered mixed reviews, with some praise for being appealing while others considered it uninteresting. Critics did not take kindly to Rihanna’s vocals. A music video for the track shows Rihanna inside a cube, its sides full of images!

“This Is What You Came For” Creates History

A sensational history, ‘This is what you came for’ climbed to 3rd position on the US Billboard Hot 100 after the 2nd position in the UK Singles Chart. There is more. The song reached the first position in US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs. Rihanna’s 12th number one and Harris’ 10th  on Dance/Mix Show Airplay. In Australia, Canada, and Ireland, ‘This is what you came for’ reached the top of the charts. In UK, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand, it reached the top ten positions.

A little more background

Nils Sjöberg may be a little-known name but it was the pseudonym for Taylor Swift after she co-wrote the hit song with Calvin Harris. She was his girlfriend then. Chris Harris and Rihanna had collaborated before on two occasions, ‘We found love’ and ‘Where have you been,’ both of which reached eminent positions in global charts and Billboard rankings. The pseudonym Nils Sjöberg helped to hide the Chris Harris-Taylor Swift relationship that may have interfered with the success of the song! Chris Harris later confirmed that Taylor Swift had a part in scripting the song. Nothing succeeds like success, after all.

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