Holding On To The Thanksgiving Day Culture! It Falls On 24th Nov 2016

The Third Thursday in November i.e. 24th November 2016 is almost here. Hectic preparations are on to celebrate yet another Thanksgiving on the 24th November of 2016. Canada celebrated the spiritual occasion already in October. Halloween is gone and Christmas is yet to come. They are all times of rejoicing and gratitude must come. We need to take note of all the tender mercies the power of God has blessed us with.

The origins of Thanksgiving Day may be shrouded in mystery, 1863 perhaps is when it all began. Did it originate in Texas in 1598? Did Europeans launch it or was it the native Indians who celebrated a harvest festival? The first American President Washington got the credit with the initial celebration in 1789. Among the many mysteries is the wishbone. After birds died, the wishbone people preserves. The British practiced it, but learned from the Romans, who borrowed it from the Etruscans! May those wishes come true and may we be blessed this Thanksgiving.

Do We Really Need A Thanksgiving?

A revival of faith through prayer in the presence of close family members and friends is inspiring. Life’s tensions are many and keeping spirits alive is vital to existence. A spiritual attitude to life and values is the need of the hour. The ironies of life often strike us as whimsical. The world is almost equally divided between the haves and have-nots. Should we not consider ourselves lucky that we belong to the blessed side?

Several annual festivals concern others like saints and national leaders. Thanksgiving is about us and our existence. And that makes it so refreshingly different. It has been on for so long. Not a year has passed without Thanksgiving for hundreds of years at least. Dates may have changed, attitudes and world events, but the spirit lives on.


A holiday indicates that the day is important, followed by shopping sprees on Black Friday. And that leads to a resounding weekend. A four-day weekend, it may possibly be with endless fervor. Christmas and New Year beckon in the distance.

How Would You Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?

Organize a get together with family and friends. It may need long journeys to be together for those few hours. The lucky ones will celebrate a long weekend together. Put together the greatest recipes or arrange food from caterers if something prevents elaborate home cooking. Go out to a dainty restaurant if necessary. While turkey may be considered essential for the occasion, it is not strictly so. Traditions indicate turkey, but certain reasons like affordability prompted that.

Give ample charity. Earning merits are what it is called. While we need to be grateful, it is important to reap the good wishes of people being helped.

Taking stock of our lives makes us just a little bit humbler and more human. Relationships matter so much as we live a lifestyle where values are diminishing. Who are those few individuals we have close bonds with? Are any problems developing with those relationships? How can we save the marriage from breaking up? How can inculcate discipline in the kids? Marriages, jobs, property and kids are almost everything in life, though not in the same order of importance.

Reaffirming the need to say Please, Sorry and Thank you, extend thanks to the powers above! What happens during the day? Exchange news and gossip along with entertainment. Football, movies, and music, or community celebrations are all fine. Is it a trip together to Yellowstone? Meanwhile, memories dawn of earlier Thanksgivings. Perhaps certain family members and friends did not survive, yet memories and digital pictures remain. The present should be better than the last, of course, and so on towards 2017.


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