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After US Presidential Election Win What will be Donald Trump’s Agenda

After a long tug of war finally Donald Trump becomes the President of US. But Trump’s IT agenda with a vision improving the status of US economy is simply a blank canvas. So, it’s a big confusion that there would be serious IT issues. After becoming the President he even took a pledge of “Make America great again’ along with his ‘drain the swamp’ and it’s the time to see how he executes his plan. Alongside, he promised to build up a strong wall along the Mexican border ensuring to develop a strict immigration rule. This would restrict illegal immigration especially for those countries where terrorism is a bad issue.

Mr. Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan

The mass deportation plan of Mr. Trump is estimated as at least $166 billion and this gets good support from Congress Republicans. Now, the US citizens are waiting to see what actually happens with this new plan of Mr. Trump. Would the US citizens really get rid of all the difficulties due to illegal immigrations? He also said his supporters are going to ‘win so big’ and very soon they would become sick of winning. His campaign to ban Muslims from entering the country also gets weak with a pledge of ‘extreme vetting’ for those who are planning to arrive in US.

Other Facts

In the meantime, the digital groups also said that they expect Trump to call for expanded government opportunities. Donald Trump’s administration would start working applying net neutrality rules, which the Federations passed last year. This comes out as the power to fight terrorism helping the citizens improving their quality of life. These rules won’t be easy but Mr. Trump is confident. The tech groups all over US congratulated Trump. On the other hand, other are saying Trump lacks a good tech agenda due to which the entire industry may be affected.

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