US Presidential Election 2016

Trump v/s Clinton US Presidential Election 2016


America is going to elect their 45th President and the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is at it’s peak now of US Presidential Election 2016. A detailed investigation on Clinton’s use of private email server does not proof anything and thus no issues have been brought against the Democrat candidate. However, the revelations, which came last weekend ensures Trump momentum in the final week.

Issues with Mrs. Clinton

Yesterday FBI ruled out all allegations against Clinton revealing she is not associated with any criminal activities. It was even thought Hillary would have to end her campaign with certain vague allegations against her that give her political career a bad turn. But despite of all issues she managed to keep her patience.

Last weekend the issue that came out with Hillary Clinton with her use of a private server gave an additional boost to Mr. Trump. FBI even obtained a warrant starting a new search operation discovering the new emails belonging to Huma Abedin, a very close person to Hillary Clinton. In this respect, the emails of Clinton would also be brought into spotlight. It’s said that FBI is re-opening it’s investigation, which gives rise to serious confusions with the results of US Presidential election 2016.

Update: Edward Snowden Kills Team Trump’s New Conspiracy Theory By Explaining How The FBI Can Quickly Comb Through Email

Trump: The Republican Candidate

US Presidential Election 2016 has seen Mr. Trump, once a Republican outsider was making negative comments estranging the key demographic groups in US. Also, his comments attack women sexually abusing them that give his political character a negative impact. His poor performance in the Presidential debates gave Clinton the opportunity to strengthen her position, which cannot be looked out.

According to latest survey, even one day before the Presidential Election a normal polling average got fluctuated from the final figure with only four percentage points. So, everyone is waiting for the result and anything can happen that can be beyond our expectation.

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