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John Cena, Nikki Bella Switched their Dress This Halloween

The line between life and death has been celebrated in ancient Celtic style, which is called Halloween. This year John Cena and his partner Nikki Bella have blasted the social networking sites. The outfits of this WWE partners have exuberantly knocked the fans. The views, likes, and comments of the photo proved that the idea became one of the catchiest thoughts of Halloween 2016.

John Cena

As there are other superstars who tried to beat many participants with innovative thinking’s, therefore, the Cena and Bella partners had to apply some more intelligence for extra attention. The complete dressing exchange with comprehensive makeup and wig transformed each other perfectly. Thus, the couple got some more coverage than the others.

The Halloween Trend

The costume change is a tradition of Halloween festival. People gathered on any ground or forest and they celebrate the night around bonfires. During the dance, music, drinks and suppers the crowd uses awkward dresses to look like a ghost, alien or funny. The tradition has added some get-up just, but the fun doesn’t end yet. Viewers can see the sensuous entry of Nikki Bella (demonstrated by John Cena). After the entry, John mimics Nikki perfectly through voice and gestures. The video would show how Nikki copied the famous entry of John Cena and the tag lines and dialogues. It may continue the unlimited Halloween fun of the viewers.

The couple is one of the most famous one of WWE and this attempt increased the fame of the couple more. Now, people of all over the world can see the video. From top to bottom the couple has used every visible detail to look like each other.
nikki bella
The energy of their celebration has spread the holy spirit of the ancient festival. This venture boosted many followers hilariously. This 1st November will ensure the perfect start of Christian Holidays.

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